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Tiny Rhymes (Part 1)

A friend of comedychick's on FB (aka belgatherial) posted a "Tiny Poems" thread, whereby anyone commenting with a ONE WORD prompt would get a "tiny poem" from her. So I too posted it, because I love writing poetry, especially of the tiny variety.

This is what I got for prompts and my resultant poems thus far - I'm really happy with them, so I wanted to put the poems here as well - it's too easy to lose things on Facebook!

Facebook drama can be pretty ugly when you get down to brass tacks.
Everything is an open secret - once it's said you can't take it back.

Rust red stick of spice,
you elevate buttered toast
to the next level.

I'm scared to write this rhyme.
A foul fear yokes my words.
Can I crack through this self-imposed shell?
My paltry offering is for the birds.

A tangerine dream,
tropical seas topped with cream.
The warm sun melts, loose,
Puddling into orange juice.

Miles separate us,
But we have the internet.
It will do, for now.

I am happy to take further ONE WORD prompts from those who would like a tiny poem from me, as long as you don't use any of the prompts that have already been provided! Thanks!
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