Laura, aka "Ro Arwen" (roina_arwen) wrote,
Laura, aka "Ro Arwen"

LJ Idol: Week 1 - “Resolution”

I shouldn’t.

I can’t.

Why lie to myself? I can, but I won’t.

It’s unthinkable, unethical. Is it immoral? I don’t know.

To be quite honest, I don’t care.

The heart wants what it wants, however dark and withered that heart might be.

Just breathe. Think. Inhale cold calmness. Exhale red-hot ruthlessness.

The night sky is clear and cold, glittering stars prickle at the edges of an icy white moon. They laugh at me from afar.

My skin twitches, itches.

They all laugh at me.

To hell with them.

I bellow with rage, and let loose my magic.

Swelling with righteousness, I shed my confining skin. The wintery air flows beneath my leathery wings, and impervious scales shine as black as my ebony heart. I leap upward with an earth-shaking roar. On a distant hillside, the castle windows glow.

She is there, peacefully asleep in her soft bed. By dawn’s early light, she will be mine.

Tags: fandom, fiction, lj_idol, writing

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